Using Growth Mindset to Inspire Young Leaders

How growth mindset can help children become leaders, and insights from the BB&T Leadership Series.   Thank you BB&T for sponsoring this post. Instilling a growth mindset in our kids is incredibly important. This way of viewing ability and potential gives kids the right frame of mind to work hard, believe in themselves, and accomplish […]

Teaching Accountability and Responsibility to Kids

Accountability Hero

Teaching accountability to kids is possible with these simple tips and ideas. Positively parent your way to a culture of responsibility in your household.   Accountability is a really hard concept for kids to grasp. The idea that you are responsible for your own actions, and then have to accept that responsibility is quite the […]

10 Quick Positive Discipline Tips You Can Rely On

positive discipline 2

Quick and effective positive discipline tips for frustrated parents. 10 simple methods of interacting with kids that work.   Positive discipline can be scary, especially if you were raised in a family where punishment and traditional discipline were the norm. However, research has proven that some of the more traditional discipline methods such as time-outs, […]