Life With a 4 Year Old: When You Never Know What They Will Say Next…

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Preschoolers can say some of the funniest things. A year in review of some of my 4 year olds best quotes!

One of my favorite things to post to my personal Facebook page is mini conversations with my 4 year old. I find them to be generally hilarious and highly entertaining, now clearly I’m biased, but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless. My son turned 4 in 2015, and with that came a whole host of new emotions, ups and downs, and an increase in independent thought and choice-making. So here you go, a small tribute to my sweet, sensitive, spirited and witty little boy to end another wonderful year!

Me: Mack, I asked you not to do that.

Mack: Oh sorry, I forgot. You know my brain is really old and it just forgets things.

Me: It is?

Mack: Yea, I’m 4 1/2 years old but my brain is like 6,041 years old.

Me: How does that work?

Mack: Well before my body was here, my brain lived inside your body in California.


Mack (after a Chinese food sample at the mall): Can you believe people from China fly all the way here and drive to the mall  JUST to give us food?!

Me: (laughing)

Mack: And then they have to drive back to the airport and fly back to China, just to do it again tomorrow. Man they must be exhausted!

Mack: I know God is the Father and Jesus is the son, but who is the Holy Spirit.

Me:  Someone God sent us to teach us about Jesus and help us be good.

Mack: Oh, well I think God made a mistake with me on that one.

Me: Why do you say that??

Mack: Oh because I do bad things allll the time! I try to do good things but it’s just too hard. You think God could send me the Holy Spirit?

Mack (watching a movie): Why are they crying?

Me: Sometimes people cry when they are happy.

Mack: Oh like you do when you say prayers in church, or when I beat the real Darth Vader in Disney World.
Mack: I can’t breastfeed a baby right now, but when I’m older I’ll be able to.

Me: Oh yea?

Mack: Yep, I’ll just use that pumper thing and it will give me milk. And then I can breastfeed with a bottle.

Me: Ahhh, that’s how it works.


Me: What makes you feel sad?

Mack: When you guys yell at me.

Me: What makes you feel joy?

Mack: When you guys are nice to me.

Me: What makes you feel disgust?

Mack: Well two things. When you and Daddy kiss, and your nasty green smoothies.

Me: What makes you feel anger?

Mack: When I just want to do something and you don’t let me. You ruin my whole life!

Me: What makes you afraid?

Mack: Ghosts. Even though they aren’t real.
Mack: When we have the next baby, Ava and I can babysit and then Nolan can be the big brother.

Steve (husband): You think we should have another baby?

Mack: Yea they feel nice and they smell nice.

Steve: How many do you think we should have?

Mack: I think 10 sounds good.

Mack: Daddy, when will you be done working?

Steve: In about 30 years.

Mack: I wish you were done in like 1 more day.

Steve: I know but I want to make a lot of money.

Mack: I know you do…but you don’t.

Me: Ugh, my belly hurts, I ate way too much.

Mack: Um mommy did you forget? You have a baby in your belly, he’s the size of a pineapple this week. That’s why your belly hurts.

Mack: How many weeks until baby Nolan is born?

Me: About 11.

Mack: That’s a short time.

Me: Yea it is. Are you excited for him to be here or are you a little nervous, because that’s ok if you are you can tell me.

Mack: I’m going to be proud. SO proud.

Mack: Mommmmyyyy, please can you open this for me!

Me: Mack, can’t you see that I’m covered in bath paint and children?!

Mack: Ooohhhhh…I like your brand new style.

Mack: Ava! You look beautiful today!

Ava: Thank you Mack, you my prince.

Mack (whispers in her ear): You’re my princess.


Cheers to another year! Thanks for joining us in 2015, I can’t wait to see what the New Year brings us! 

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      Everyone always tells me to put them in a book- a blog post will have to suffice 😉 thanks for reading!

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    Oh I love this! Your four year old is too funny. They really say the best things. That last one was so sweet though. I hope my two have moments like that some day.

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