End Pediatric Cancer with Hope on Wheels: 5 Ways Kids Can Give Back

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 “1 child is diagnosed with pediatric cancer in the U.S. every 36 minutes. 

8 out of 10 children will be cured, but 80% is not enough.

The words pediatric and cancer should never go together.


The Hyundai Hope on Wheels foundation raises money to end childhood cancer. Here are 5 ways kids can give back to help this cause.

These are the words I listened to last night at the Hyundai Hope on Wheels Celebration of Life last night. Fighting back the tears, I listened as Ryan, a brave 14 year old pediatric cancer surviver shared his story; I watched videos of children as they received the news that they were cancer-free, and I met some of the doctors doing groundbreaking research to combat pediatric cancer, so that those 20% can hear that they are cancer-free as well.

hope on wheels ryan
Photo Credit: Byron Purnell

I learned about Hyundai Hope on Wheels, an organization that has donated 130 million dollars to this cause already, and who aims to donate much, much more.

1 child is diagnosed with pediatric cancer every 36 minutes.

hope on wheels
Photo Credit: Byron Purnell

You can donate to the Hope on Wheels cause here.

End Pediatric Cancer with Hyundai Hope on Wheels

I can’t imagine many things worse as a mom than to hear the words “your child has cancer”. The thought brings tears to my eyes and a chill to my spine.

But we are not helpless.

There are doctors and researchers fighting each and every day to save the lives of all children with this diagnosis, and they need our help. Hyundai Hope On Wheels creates awareness for pediatric cancers and awards large grants to doctors and premiere research centers for life-saving research.

In donating to this cause, we can all help end childhood cancer.


The Hyundai Hope on Wheels foundation raises money to end childhood cancer. Here are 5 ways kids can give back to help this cause.

5 Ways Kids Can Give Back

Teaching kids to give back helps build empathy and concern for others. It can also provide monetary help to charities like Hope on Wheels. Here are 5 simple ways that kids can earn money to donate towards a cause like this:

Host a Lemonade Stand: Involve your child in the purchasing, making and setting up of a lemonade stand. Make signs that tell customers what their money will go towards, and follow through with your child in mailing the donated money to the charity.

Have a Bingo Playdate: Set up a fun Bingo night with friends, asking each person to pay a small admission that will be donated to the charity you are supporting. Even young kids can get involved with this one!

Have a Bake Sale: If you have school-aged kids, talk to your school administration about hosting a bake sale to raise money to donate, or maybe at a boy/girl scout meeting or a team sports event.

Have a Garage Sale: Find some items from your house that you can sell to raise money for a cause. Kids might have a hard time giving up some of their own personal items, so discuss the charity, where the money will go, and how they can help. Maybe ask if they can find 5 things that they would like to donate to the yard sale? Getting them involved will give them ownership of their contribution, and you might be surprised what they are willing to part with.

Host a Family Costume Party: Similar to the Bingo Playdate above, this is a great option for older kids or teens. Pick a theme and charge a small admission fee to donate.



There are so many ways we can teach kids to give back, and can help them raise money to donate to a cause, and donating to Hyundai Hope on Wheels will save lives.

One of the beautiful ways Hope on Wheels celebrates life, is by painting a handprint of the brave children who are fighting this hard and long fight. I was able to meet 2 of these brave children as they received awards and printed their own handprints on a canvas at the celebration of life dinner.


hope on wheels ryan handprint
Photo Credit: Byron Purnell


hope on wheels handprint 3
Photo Credit: Byron Purnell

You can donate to the Hope on Wheels cause here.


What an amazing, thoughtful, and impactful charity. One that I hope many will be inspired to support, and that together, we can end childhood cancer.


hope on wheels handprint 4
Photo Credit: Byron Purnell


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Hyundai Hope on Wheels. All opinions expressed are my own.

Photo Credit:Deposit photos: Lemonade Stand; red heart

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