10 Quick Positive Discipline Tips You Can Rely On

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Quick and effective positive discipline tips for frustrated parents. 10 simple methods of interacting with kids that work.   Positive discipline can be scary, especially if you were raised in a family where punishment and traditional discipline were the norm. However, research has proven that some of the more traditional discipline methods such as time-outs, […]

What is Positive Discipline? Tips for Busy Parents.

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An expert interview on positive discipline tips and tricks for busy parents. What are the benefits of positive discipline and what does it mean? Encouragement strengthens connection and invites the child to feel capable. It teaches valuable character and life skills Positive parenting techniques can feel overwhelming to use, especially if they differ dramatically from […]

A Weighted Blanket Saved Bedtime in Our House


Using a weighted blanket at bedtime has dramatically improved sleep in our house. Here’s how, and some safety tips for using weighted blankets with kids.    Our bedtime routine with my oldest (now 7) has always gone a little something like this: Typical bedtime routine (bath, teeth, pjs, books, etc). Cuddle. Talk. Ask a million […]

Using Growth Mindset to Inspire Young Leaders

How growth mindset can help children become leaders, and insights from the BB&T Leadership Series.   Thank you BB&T for sponsoring this post. Instilling a growth mindset in our kids is incredibly important. This way of viewing ability and potential gives kids the right frame of mind to work hard, believe in themselves, and accomplish […]

Teaching Accountability and Responsibility to Kids

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Teaching accountability to kids is possible with these simple tips and ideas. Positively parent your way to a culture of responsibility in your household.   Accountability is a really hard concept for kids to grasp. The idea that you are responsible for your own actions, and then have to accept that responsibility is quite the […]

Make Connection One of Your Most Powerful Positive Parenting Tools

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Connection with kids can certainly be one of the most powerful positive parenting tools. This article talks about connection before correction.   An inquisitive 5 year old girl has an idea. “What would happen if I add water to our freshly mixed batch of homemade play dough?” she wonders. Her mom is busy folding clothes […]