Teaching Accountability and Responsibility to Kids

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Teaching accountability to kids is possible with these simple tips and ideas. Positively parent your way to a culture of responsibility in your household.   Accountability is a really hard concept for kids to grasp. The idea that you are responsible for your own actions, and then have to accept that responsibility is quite the […]

Books About Persistence and Problem Solving for Kids

Books About Persistence &

Kids can learn so much from a book. Whenever I am trying to teach a new concept like accountability or responsibility, or emphasize a point, I turn to the library and grab a kids book. These books about persistence and problem solving and excellent for motivating kids who might feel like giving up. *This post […]

Raising Toddlers: Activities That Help Toddlers Talk

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As parents it can be frustrating if our toddler isn’t talking by the time they are supposed to. This typically occurs between the 18-24 month age range but can often occur later. Many parents have enjoyed that newborn baby stage and are ready to hear what their child has to say. Yet, toddlers usually talk […]

Gently Parent Your Toddler Toward a Positive Playdate

Tips for avoiding playdate drama with toddlers and preschoolers! Gently parent your way toward a positive playdate.

“That’s my toy!” Sound familiar? Hoping for a positive playdate at your house? ‘Play dates’ are kind of a thing. When I was young, I don’t remember such a ‘thing’ existing, you just went over to someone’s house and played. At the end of the day, it’s all the same. Play dates provide with ample social […]

Books about Optimism for Kids

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Teaching kids to be optimistic is possible, but simple telling them to do so won’t just work. There are many different ways we can teach optimism and positive thinking to kids, from using positive language and avoiding negative quips. Additionally reading books about optimism and the power of a positive outlook can really help kids see […]

8 Ways Kids Can Calm Down Anywhere PLUS a Printable Mini Book

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Calming tools are really wonderful for kids who are quick to anger or have a difficult time calming down when upset. In my post about tips for helping an angry child calm down, I added an infographic at the end with some ways kids can calm down anywhere, those tools were so popular I wanted […]