Cold Eggs for Breakfast: Because Toddlers…

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Cold Eggs

“Wake up Mommy!!”

I shifted my awareness from blissful sleep to the sound of my 2 year old next to my bed.

“Come on mommy! I wanna cook with you. I hungry. Let’s make eggs.”

My eyes opened slightly as I checked the clock. 6:30. Ugh. I gave her a half-awake ‘ok’ and watched her little feet shuffle across the room and down the hall. Her diaper begged to be changed after a long night and her curls bounced side to side with confidence.

I met her in the kitchen where she was knocking on the fridge saying “eggs, you in there?”

God I hope we have eggs.

I opened the fridge to see two lonely eggs remaining in the carton. Perfect.

We crack the eggs and put them in the bowl, add our milk and a pinch of salt. Cook them to perfection. I place the scrambled eggs on a plate and smother them in ketchup, just the way she likes. While they are cooling, I get myself a plain (unsweetened) Greek yogurt and some fresh blueberries. We sit down to eat.

“These eggs are nasty. I want your yogurt.”

Deep breath. We trade, I was really looking forward to that yogurt. I eat the eggs (now cold) smothered in ketchup, and she polishes off the bowl of yogurt and berries.

“That yogurt is nasty. I want eggs.”

Seriously? Thank God it’s Friday.

Because toddlers.

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    This… I <3 this post sooo much. It never ceases to amaze me the bargaining power of a 2 year old. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I generally feed my kids the same old monotonous peanut butter toast every morning, Chicken nuggets or grilled cheese for lunch, and then they get whatever I'm making for dinner, but on the rare occasions I don't time MY breakfast perfectly (meaning they are still asleep) I get "the look" and when I give them my breakfast, they promptly feed it to the dog and get up to play LOL

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