How to Gently Handle Aggression in Young Children


As parents it can be difficult to know how to respond to your child’s anger and aggression, here are some tips to gently handle aggression.   Hitting, biting and kicking all happen with young kids. Even though we know this, it never makes it easier to deal with or handle as parents. I know for me, […]

Raising Charitable Kids Who Give to Others


There are so many times in my life as a parent where I want to say to my kids “don’t you know how lucky you are?!“. When they quip that I ‘don’t do anything for them‘ or that they ‘never get what they want‘, it makes my skin crawl. But how can they possibly have the […]

How to Help an Angry Child Calm Down


Regulating emotions can be difficult for any child, those with more of a natural inclination to anger can have an especially difficult time. It is our job as parents to find ways to not only help our angry child calm down when becoming upset, but to help them learn to calm down anywhere and in any given […]