20+ Family Christmas Traditions to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

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Christmas traditions are such a wonderful way to connect with your family and create lasting memories. We have always made our own advent calendar that combines Legos and acts of kindness leading up to Christmas which have given us amazing memories and the warm &  fuzzies.

Here are 20 more Christmas traditions that you can start with your family today!


Christmas traditions to start with your family today. From gifts to give to ways to celebrate the holiday, ideas for connection and celebration.


20+ Christmas Traditions to Start with Your Family

1.Make a yearly salt dough ornament as a keepsake! I can’t resist one in the shape of a handprint.

2. “One year my Mom decided she was quite tired of buying wrapping paper only for it to be torn up and thrown away. Instead she decided she was going to spend the months before December saving brown paper bags that we would decorate our Christmas presents with. So I grew up decorating our Christmas presents with old Christmas cards, and ribbons and all sorts of things.
Once I had kids, I got a large roll of butcher paper and we would happily paint the paper with all sorts of colors. Then I would wrap the presents with our own homemade wrapping paper, and use it to give to all of our family. That is my favorite Christmas tradition.” -Ticia from Adventures in Mommydom

3. Give only 4 gifts on Christmas morning, something to play with, something you need, something to wear and something to read. Homebound but Hopeful has some great printable tags for this!

4. Kate from Crafts on Sea says they have recently moved away from family so they make sure their “day was filled with fun stuff so the kids don’t miss seeing relatives too much. My favourite one of these is doing the Santa swim at the local beach. No wetsuits.” What a great idea!!

5. Make an amazing breakfast as a family! Check out this super cool Breakfast Train with aebleskivers (Danish pancakes!).

6. Give 25 books leading up to Christmas, check out how Homebound But Hopeful makes them into a tree! And how Natural Beach Living uses this as an advent calendar! LOVE.



7. SallieBorrink.com suggests a camp out in sleeping bags in front of the Christmas tree. This could be a really fun tradition with older kids!

8. Spread holiday cheer by writing cards, volunteering time or giving back.

9. Every Star is Different has a tradition of taking each kid out individually to do their Christmas shopping. I know for my own kids one-on-one time is so important, and they would LOVE this one.

10. Kate from Twitchetts says “We travel so much during holidays that it’s hard to have quality time together. So on Christmas Eve the kids get a box with new jammies, a new Christmas book, a new Christmas movie, and some popcorn. Then we cuddle up as a family and have movie night. The next day we hang out just the 4 of us all day. Daddy makes yummy breakfast and mommy doesn’t have to clean (unless I want to). Lots of coffee, hot chocolate, and cookies. Basically our tradition is togetherness.” How perfect does that sound? 

11. KC Edventures like to tie the holidays to learning about family heritage with food, activities and family discussions.

12. Do a spouse Christmas countdown which showers your significant other with compliments, acts of service, and a healthy dose of fun Christmas date nights all month long!

13. Do the ABCs of Books leading up to Christmas! Growing Book by Book has books for each letter of the alphabet to lead up to Christmas, what an idea!

14. Sing your way to Christmas with this Caroling Advent Calendar!

15. Have an ornament making party.

16. Go on a Christmas decoration scavenger hunt. Joy in the Works has a printable for this!

17. Give your children a new Christmas ornament every year. This will give them a great start for their own tree when they are older!

18. Write Christmas cards together.

19. Having Fun Saving likes to drive to a Christmas farm and hunt for the perfect tree.

20.”We dress up in matching pajamas, listen to Christmas songs, and read Christmas books. You can’t beat comfy Christmas pjs and snuggles.” -Allie from Live Love Mess

21. The Koala Mom creates an advent candle tradition with their children.


Christmas traditions to start with your family today. From gifts to give to ways to celebrate the holiday, ideas for connection and celebration.

I hope you find a new tradition on this list that you start with your family this year! Enjoy the holiday season xx

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